Taking a break

I’m putting this blog on hold. It was a great experience while it lasted but right now I want to stay focused on Avatar Planet as well as more important real life matters. It’s been a good ride. Hope to write more in the future.


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Terrence talks again at Chimp Labs

Today at 2pm SLT, Terrence Linden popped into our teen-only islands just to see how teens were settling on the main grid.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you want access to the Chimp Labs sims, Eros Veritas: The Next Generation and Second Life Teen groups are opening enrollment in the following week. Everyone who wants to stay in Chimp Labs MUST join toese groups to access the region and then join the Chimp Labs group once arriving. Access will be closed from Eros and SLT after the end of next week.

But… back on topic.

A total of about 24 teens and TG veterans showed up for this meeting. (It was done on voice, so I don’t have a chat log)

Teens posted their post-merge questions and concerns on a google page to have them answered by Terrence. These were the questions asked.

“Any advise for people who want to run a business? Business on MG seems bigger than TG.”

Terrence says that he sensed hesitation among the teens. The idea of selling on the main grid seemed intimidating. The purpose of Chimp Labs is to help teens who are starting a business get on their feet and get a feel for what it’s like. Terrence feels it’s good for teens to serve teens as well as adults.
“What are some of your favorite PG places in Second Life?”

Terrence pointed out an interesting set of educational islands known as SciLand. He will also be looking into where teens are going to list out some recommendations.

“What happens when someone turns 18 in the Chimp Labs group?”

Chimp labs is meant to be more of a community area than a special area strictly for 16-17 year olds. As long as anyone is a contributing and constructive member, they can stay.

“Will search be fixed for teens, at the moment it would appear not even PG areas on the MG are appearing for myself, I am not aware of other residents having this problem, althought they may do!”

Terrence says that these problems were most likely due to the person using a third party viewer, though he will look into it.

“What became of the militaries that were present on the TG? Did they just get closed or has combat been allowed in PG regions now?”

One of the major questions being asked by TG residents. Terrence says that they are currently working on a way to integrate combat into PG land. They realize that militaries were a huge part of TSL’s existance.

“What happens to the land people had that they didn’t sell or abandon before being put on hold for not being 16 or older.”

Since there isn’t any possible transfer of L$, younger resident’s can’t maintain the payments for their land and will lose it once the time runs out. They can obtain it again after turning 16 or discontinue their land use.

“What’s being done to clean up the SL Marketplace? The current mature standards aren’t set well enough to really encompass everything.”

Lots of work is being done on this. Starting at the end of the day, improvements on the marketplace search and filtering will be underway. Over the next few weeks, there should be mprovements in search and filtering.

“Will camming into mature regions, by teens, prove to be an issue?”

Trying to figure out a solution to that. Originally, youth couldn’t look into M and A land, but adults could look into G land. This idea of spying on the PG regions didn’t seem to be very desirable and holes in the mainland wouldn’t prove to be a good user experience.

“What’s the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?”

“I’m not going to answer that :)”

Terrence also told us of some of the upcoming post-merge plans.

The teen grid bay city will most likely be merged with the main grid bay city. It will become one.

There are future plants to allow teens to get Linden Homes.

PG mesh regions should be making their way onto the aditi (beta) grid soon for use by all residents.

Chimp Labs will become a collaborative community object open to be built by teen residents. It will have 4 sections for activities such a recreation, learning, business and socializing. (Should start next week)

Some time in Febuary, the destination guide will allow residents to filter by land rating, making it easier for teens to find PG regions.

Terrence finished by talking about his feelings of the future of SL. He feels it rests heavily on the teen demographic, their energy and creativity.

Apologies for the disorganized post, I’m in a bit of a hurry. That was pretty much the going-ons of the office hour. Keep posted for more.

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The teens have landed!

That’s one small step for teen…

…and one GIANT leap for us…again… (Déjà-vù much?)

But in all seriousness, the grids have finally merged! Teens are in the former adult PG regions and adults are in the former teen PG regions!

6 long months have passed since that fateful day in August. From now on, there is no more Main Grid or Teen Grid. There is only the Agni grid. See you in second life!

Oh and one more thing, currently, residents both teen and adult are unable to teleport to the teen continent without the use of a landmark or teleport request. Do not fret! This problem is expected to be resolved at around 2am SLT. For now, enjoy your new neighbors (Or flee from them. Whichever works for you.)

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Well this is it folks!

After a little bit of a delay last night, the merge is finally underway! As of now, no teen second life resident will be able to log in until the merge has been completed. It’s expected that the merging will be completed some time this evening, or tomorrow morning at the latest. It seems that teen regions are being transferred last while accounts are going first. (No teen regions show up in search on the main grid map)

6 months since that fateful day and now, we are living it. Check back sometime tonight to see if you can log in.

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Merge Update.

Whew it’s late. Anyways, not-so-surprising news from terrence…

[21:47]  Terrence Linden: just telling everyone that I failed, but back on it tomorrow morning

I’ll be checking back tomorrow. *yawn* I need some sleep.

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Counting down the hours…

Well it looks like the TG has reached it’s last day. (Hoping that the merge doesn’t get pushed back once again)

With full access to the PG side of main grid just around the corner, this blog is going to change a little bit. From reporting on the news about the merge, I am now going to focus on news, products, areas and groups of interest for those of us who are migrating. If you know of any interesting areas, products, groups or have some ground shaking news and want to share it, feel free to pass it on to me. You can IM me in world (Blaze Borgin) or send me an email blazeborginsl@gmail.com

I will also be providing a link to the update blog and marketplace store for my upcoming shop, Avatar Planet. If you are an alien, furry, plant person, zombie, robot, feral beast or even a human, you might want to check it out 😉

It’s been a good 2 years in Teen Second life. Time to move on to the future.

Oh also, last minute notice. DylanRyan Faith has sent out a notice asking transferees to invite their friends to the group Eros Veritas: The next generation. Group members will have access to the Chimp Labs islands after the merge. Get sending 🙂

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As our days become numbered….

Whew, what a hectic 6 months it has been…

Today at 2pm SL time, Terrence Linden and Jeremy Linden popped in at the regular office hour at the I-World Village in Meiji West to break the ground shaking news we have all been waiting for. When will the merge finally happen?

Terrence was right down to the point.

Terrence Linden: So the official day is next Thursday

And that, my friends, is what we hope to be the official date and the final day our home remains inside its protective walls.

The general run-down of this is that, come next week, access to Second Life for teen residents on the TG will be closed during the merge. Come friday, we should all be able to log in and begin teleporting to main grid G regions, and hopefully our new Teen islands as well. (Normal main grid teen residents who signed up after the 15th of December should be able to log in normally)

I must say that these past few weeks on the teen grid have shown me a real sense of community and love for our home away from home. The events, the reports and planning was simply heartwarming. I’m sure we can all say that our new chapter is finally beginning.

Good luck to all who are merging! And to all who will be joining us in 1-3 years, we welcome you back into our teen arms.

The following is the transcript of the fairly short meeting. (I’ve only edited out viewer side notifications on my screen)

[13:55]  kogoma Hallison: hai fi :3
[13:55]  Blaze Borgin: And Fi has arrived
[13:55]  Tailsy Loxely: fi!
[13:56]  Shadow Xavorin is Online
[13:56]  Tailsy Loxely: blaze are for sure its happening
[13:56]  Blaze Borgin: I heard it from Daniel Voyager
[13:57]  Jake Olivieri is Online
[13:57]  Doug Falta: Danny V usually has good info.
[13:57]  Blaze Borgin: yeah
[13:57]  Blaze Borgin: Jeremy apparently told him about it during his MG office hour
[13:57]  Blaze Borgin: so, I say the odds are pretty good
[13:58]  Wolfy Passiflora is Online
[13:58]  Blaze Borgin: anyone else notice the shadow burned into the ground by albenn?
[13:58]  Doug Falta: Yes.
[13:58]  Blaze Borgin: And the man of the hour has arrived!
[13:58]  Artemis Kangjon is Online
[13:59]  RosalieHale Quintessa is Online
[13:59]  Blaze Borgin: Welcome Terrence
[13:59]  Terrence Linden: hey!
[13:59]  Terrence Linden: this will officially be the last office hour on the TG
[13:59]  Doug Falta: Terrence! You said there would be a blog post this week! D:
[13:59]  Tailsy Loxely: Hey Terrance!
[13:59]  Doug Falta: Ohnoes!
[13:59]  Tailsy Loxely: Our master
[13:59]  Tailsy Loxely: XD
[13:59]  Terrence Linden: it won’t be a blog post, i’m just gonna let everyone know
[13:59]  Doug Falta: Blog post would make my life easier.
[13:59]  kogoma Hallison: dont whine
[13:59]  Vannna Bruun is Offline
[14:00]  kogoma Hallison: i wanna hear what he has to say >:0!
[14:00]  Jake Olivieri is Offline
[14:00]  Blaze Borgin: Well, I’ll be sure to blog it
[14:00]  kogoma Hallison: or see .-.
[14:00]  Doug Falta: I like to point people to links, so they know mah info is right.
[14:00]  Terrence Linden: thanks, blaze
[14:00]  RosalieHale Quintessa: Hush, please.
[14:00]  Terrence Linden: i think it’ll spread
[14:00]  Doug Falta: To official links, that is.
[14:00]  Serena Graycloud is Offline
[14:00]  Terrence Linden: and fi will shoot it out to the SL Teens group
[14:00]  Teeple Linden is Online
[14:00]  Doug Falta: FurVillage shall know, too.
[14:00]  Fi Folland: xD
[14:00]  Terrence Linden: don’t think i’ve seen you at one of these before, blaze
[14:01]  Blaze Borgin: Yeah
[14:01]  Blaze Borgin: Well, i think i remember dropping by once before
[14:01]  Blaze Borgin: but, that was in 09 I think
[14:01]  RosalieHale Quintessa: Blaze and I attended the last one.
[14:01]  Artemis Kangjon: Hello, sorry I’m just rushing in now, RL got in the way haha
[14:01]  Blaze Borgin: Oh yeah, the one in Eutopia
[14:01]  Artemis Kangjon: The disaster that it was
[14:01]  Artemis Kangjon: Haha
[14:01]  Terrence Linden: yeah, that didn’t go quite as planned…..
[14:01]  Tailsy Loxely: Let’s not make this like Eutopia please!!!
[14:02]  Blaze Borgin: Well, there isn’t exactly 100 people here at the moment
[14:02]  Artemis Kangjon: Whch is why I convinced DYLAN! not to send out the info for

this in his huge group haha
[14:02]  Blaze Borgin: I doubt things will spin out of control
[14:02]  Terrence Linden: how’s everyone’s week?
[14:02]  SNIM Outlander is Online
[14:02]  kogoma Hallison: good and yours?
[14:02]  Doug Falta: Okay.
[14:02]  Jeremy Xootfly: Good
[14:02]  Jeremy Xootfly: you
[14:02]  Blaze Borgin: Pretty good
[14:02]  Ishiko Rain is Online
[14:02]  Artemis Kangjon: Alright, little crazy, how about you?
[14:02]  Tailsy Loxely: good job
[14:02]  Doug Falta: Would have been better without the attacks.
[14:02]  Fi Folland: omg terrence just tell us!! ㋡ lol ㋡
[14:02]  Terrence Linden: So the official day is next Thursday
[14:02]  Tailsy Loxely: TELL US
[14:02]  Tailsy Loxely: XD
[14:03]  Fi Folland:  ☼YAAAAAAAYY☼
[14:03]  Doug Falta: Nowai!
[14:03]  NK Multitool: SNIM Outlander Just entered the region wearing a NK Multitool.
[14:03]  Tailsy Loxely: YAY
[14:03]  Artemis Kangjon: Thank god haha
[14:03]  Tailsy Loxely: YA
[14:03]  kogoma Hallison: next thursday so far away!!
[14:03]  Blaze Borgin: Awesome
[14:03]  kogoma Hallison: i get to go shopping!!!!!
[14:03]  Terrence Linden: it’s going to be hard to say exactly when on thursday
[14:03]  Tailsy Loxely: SHOPPING
[14:03]  Tailsy Loxely: SHOPPING
[14:03]  kogoma Hallison: i gots to go tell my mommy .-.
[14:03]  Terrence Linden: because it would take a little while
[14:03]  Doug Falta: Nimmy, if you didn’t hear: Merge is next Thursday.
[14:03]  RosalieHale Quintessa: Thursday is better than no day at all.
[14:03]  Artemis Kangjon: Well, at least it leaves the weekend open 😉
[14:03]  Terrence Linden: the land will be quick, but the accounts will take a bit
[14:03]  Blaze Borgin: Good point
[14:03]  Blaze Borgin: Some free time to explore the main grid
[14:03]  kogoma Hallison: so we wont be able to log on on thursday?
[14:04]  Terrence Linden: at some point during the day you won’t be able to
[14:04]  Terrence Linden: but it may not be the whole day
[14:04]  RosalieHale Quintessa: How exciting.
[14:04]  RosalieHale Quintessa: I’ll be home from school.
[14:04]  kogoma Hallison: :3
[14:04]  kogoma Hallison: mk ty
[14:04]  RosalieHale Quintessa: Terrence, are you allowed to comment on forums?
[14:04]  Blaze Borgin: Terrence, if you don’t mind me asking, what exactly was it you

wanted to look over about the merge?
[14:04]  Terrence Linden: depending on how everything goes, i’m going to try and get it

started early in the day so it’s done earlier
[14:05]  Blaze Borgin: I mean, what made you push it back?
[14:05]  Tailsy Loxely: Do i need to age verify before i can merge???
[14:05]  Artemis Kangjon: Thank you 🙂
[14:05]  Terrence Linden: no one has to do anything
[14:05]  Terrence Linden: we’ll handle it
[14:05]  Jeremy Xootfly: ▪▫▪▫▪▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▪▫
[14:05]  Jeremy Xootfly:  █║▌│█│║ĐⓎLÅℵгYÅℵ ║││█║▌║
[14:05]  Jeremy Xootfly: ▪▫▪▫▪▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▪▫
[14:05]  kogoma Hallison: wooo
[14:05]  kogoma Hallison: :3
[14:05]  Ishiko Rain is Online
[14:05]  Tailsy Loxely: Do no log in on thursday
[14:05]  Chance Zulaman: Hello, Terrence
[14:05]  Grim Brune is Online
[14:05]  Mizuki Niseru is Online
[14:05]  Terrence Linden: hi chance
[14:06]  Blaze Borgin: Hm..
[14:06]  Blaze Borgin: Out of curiosity
[14:06]  Terrence Linden: any questions?
[14:06]  Terrence Linden: yes, blaze?
[14:06]  joel Songlark is Online
[14:07]  Blaze Borgin: What exactly made you delay the merge
[14:07]  Tailsy Loxely: Yes
[14:07]  SNIM Outlander: The adults needed longer to prepare for our awesome Blaze ;O
[14:07]  Terrence Linden: can’t say exactly, there were just some things i wanted in

place that weren’t quite there
[14:07]  Blaze Borgin: I remember you told me you weren’t completely sure about going

through with it without looking over a few things
[14:07]  Blaze Borgin: oh I see
[14:07]  Blaze Borgin: such as the questionable name of our new teen only islands?
[14:07]  Blaze Borgin: xD
[14:07]  Terrence Linden: oh man…
[14:07]  Fi Folland: ㋡ lol ㋡
[14:07]  DylanRyan Faith: Who doesn’t enjoy penis fencing…
[14:08]  Tailsy Loxely: OH
[14:08]  Tailsy Loxely: EW
[14:08]  Artemis Kangjon: Ohh, yes, speaking of which, will we be able to set our land

to Teen-only? I know that’s something many people wanted.
[14:08]  Artemis Kangjon: I’m assuming so
[14:08]  Artemis Kangjon: But just double checking that it isn’t a thing that’s just

specific to those sims
[14:08]  Terrence Linden: i guess i didn’t think that through. i love chimps

(obviously), and the bonobo is the closest thing to humans so i went with it…not

considering what most people think of them
[14:08]  Terrence Linden: no, you can’t set to teen only
[14:09]  Terrence Linden: you’ll have to do something like form groups (which is what

i’m doing), or something like that
[14:09]  kogoma Hallison: .-. we should get a cow sim
[14:09]  Artemis Kangjon: Ah okay
[14:09]  kogoma Hallison: cows are my fav animles ^-^
[14:09]  Terrence Linden: yeah, i looked into something like that, artemis, but we

didnt’ go that direction
[14:09]  Terrence Linden: hey jeremy!
[14:09]  Jeremy Xootfly: ●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|♬¸.•´☆ Jⓔя乇ℳʎ ☆´•.¸♬|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲
[14:09]  Artemis Kangjon: Good evening Jeremy 🙂
[14:09]  SNIM Outlander: Hola Jeremy
[14:09]  DylanRyan Faith: jeremy is here
[14:09]  DylanRyan Faith faints
[14:10]  Jeremy Linden: Hey everyone! I can only stay for a few minutes, but wanted to

wish you good luck for next week 🙂
[14:10]  Tailsy Loxely: orgasm
[14:10]  Blaze Borgin: Thanks Jeremy
[14:10]  DylanRyan Faith: keep it pg
[14:10]  DylanRyan Faith dies
[14:10]  Tailsy Loxely: But you just said….
[14:10]  Chance Zulaman: Thank you, Jeremy.
[14:10]  kogoma Hallison: .-.
[14:10]  DylanRyan Faith: lmfao
[14:10]  Tailsy Loxely: nevermind
[14:10]  Terrence Linden: so i’m going to try to get as many people in the teen group as

possible before the merge
[14:10]  kogoma Hallison: .-. i wish you luck
[14:10]  Chance Zulaman: I volunteer myself
[14:10]  Artemis Kangjon: Haha
[14:10]  kogoma Hallison: i just wanna go shopping that is all
[14:10]  Terrence Linden: ha!
[14:10]  Artemis Kangjon: Hopefully it’s not too crazy
[14:11]  Tailsy Loxely: Oh bonkers i can’t wait to use the marketplace
[14:11]  DylanRyan Faith: invite peoplle, and make sure everyone can sendout invites
[14:11]  DylanRyan Faith: group role
[14:11]  Terrence Linden: well, i’ll have to control the invites
[14:11]  Terrence Linden: that’s the thing
[14:11]  DylanRyan Faith: make the chimps dothework!
[14:11]  Artemis Kangjon: Oh! Related question, is the new 40-group increase true?

/barely related tangent
[14:11]  Terrence Linden: it’s 42
[14:11]  DylanRyan Faith: ohhh
[14:11]  Blaze Borgin: I heard it works on phoenix
[14:11]  Artemis Kangjon: Ah okayu
[14:11]  Artemis Kangjon: *okay
[14:11]  Artemis Kangjon: Just wanted to confirm, thank you :0
[14:11]  SNIM Outlander: The answer to the ultimate question? 😮
[14:11]  Blaze Borgin: but it’s not an official change, so it’s a little risky
[14:11]  Terrence Linden: yep
[14:11]  kogoma Hallison: woooo!!
[14:11]  Terrence Linden: nice, snim
[14:11]  Artemis Kangjon: * 🙂
[14:12]  Terrence Linden: why is it risky, blaze?
[14:12]  Tailsy Loxely: Now i can have more pointless groups just for the tag
[14:12]  Siofra Highmist is Online
[14:12]  Blaze Borgin: nevermind, you just sait it worked
[14:12]  Tailsy Loxely: XD
[14:12]  Blaze Borgin: I heard it was risky from a blog lol
[14:12]  Terrence Linden: ah, yeah, i read that
[14:12]  Blaze Borgin: something about it not being an official release, so there could

be some bugs
[14:12]  kogoma Hallison: >:o!
[14:12]  Nim Fenstalker is Online
[14:13]  Tailsy Loxely: So we can’t log in on thursday
[14:13]  Terrence Linden: so what are thoughts on having Office Hours on the new islands

starting next week?
[14:13]  Doug Falta: It’s Phoenix, of course it’s risky.
[14:13]  xChip v3.81: Now arriving in Meiji West…
[14:13]  Artemis Kangjon: That would be awesome. Open communication is what’s gonna make

this transition smoother.
[14:13]  Terrence Linden: or the week after depending on how long the migration takes
[14:13]  Blaze Borgin: Woah, bright light ._.
[14:13]  Terrence Linden: my goal is to make it as smooth as possible
[14:13]  Terrence Linden: and i wanna make sure you guys are comfortable on the main

grid. answer questions, etc.
[14:13]  SNIM Outlander: Global illumination + bright light = blind snim
[14:14]  Doug Falta: Or we can just annoy Jeremy at his regular MG office hour. 😮
[14:14]  XxemoboyxX Chanirra is Online
[14:14]  Jeremy Linden: !
[14:14]  Blaze Borgin: Oh dear…
[14:14]  Terrence Linden: for the most part, i figure that the group as a whole can work

together to figure out what we do with those islands
[14:14]  Jeremy Linden: Wednesdays at 1pm in Beaumont
[14:14]  Chance Zulaman: I have family in mg, i am all set.
[14:14]  Artemis Kangjon: Haha let’s not scare away the few people we’ve got trying to

help us out 😉
[14:15]  Blaze Borgin: the light has vanished…
[14:15]  RosalieHale Quintessa: Thank you Terrence and Jeremy, we appreciate all you’ve

done for us.
[14:15]  kogoma Hallison: lag >:o!
[14:15]  Terrence Linden: of course
[14:15]  Terrence Linden: i’m glad
[14:15]  SNIM Outlander is Online
[14:15]  DylanRyan Faith: Wait, so to confirm… we log on Thursday, and we’re merged?
[14:15]  Terrence Linden: it has been a long 6 months
[14:16]  Artemis Kangjon: I’m sure the job is no fun, being how…divided people are on

[14:16]  RosalieHale Quintessa: I’m sure.
[14:16]  Terrence Linden: well, sometime after thursday morning, dylan
[14:16]  DylanRyan Faith: Thank you, sir.
[14:16]  Terrence Linden: not sure what time it’ll start
[14:16]  Fi Folland: set your alarm for early that day terrence 😛
[14:16]  Jeremy Linden: So, uh, Terrence, I didn’t catch what time the move was…
[14:16]  Artemis Kangjon: Hahaha
[14:16]  Tailsy Loxely: YAY
[14:16]  Terrence Linden: if you try and come on and you get something like “could not

find simulator” that means it’s underway
[14:16]  Terrence Linden: becaue the islands are going first
[14:17]  Terrence Linden: it’s next thursday
[14:17]  Artemis Kangjon: Sounds good haha
[14:17]  Doug Falta: Terrence, could you also tell some of the Merge Monkeys to put a

few sims or something on Mesh beta?
[14:17]  Jeremy Xootfly shouts: weeeeeeee
[14:17]  Tailsy Loxely: yush!
[14:17]  Terrence Linden: i’ve gone down that road, dog
[14:18]  Terrence Linden: doug
[14:18]  [Zhao AO] (infant anims).: Touched.
[14:18]  [Zhao AO] (infant anims).: Touched.
[14:18]  [Zhao AO] (infant anims).: Touched.
[14:18]  [Zhao AO] (infant anims).: Touched.
[14:18]  [Zhao AO] (infant anims).: Touched.
[14:18]  Terrence Linden: i’ll check back in though. i haven’t thought about it in a

couple months to be honest. apologies
[14:18]  SNIM Outlander: Oh, out of interest, we’re retaining land but something nobody

has mentioned will our land be normal mainland as in we can sell it to anyone? or will

it be teen-only sales?
[14:18]  Doug Falta: Anyone.
[14:18]  Terrence Linden: nothing will be teen only
[14:18]  SNIM Outlander: Thought so but a live chat person told me otherwise <.<
[14:19]  Terrence Linden: really?
[14:19]  KJ Teebrook: hiiiiiiiiii Terrence
[14:19]  Terrence Linden: hi kj
[14:19]  Fi Folland: live chat don’t know much
[14:19]  kogoma Hallison: we dont need teen only theres not enough of us to need one .-.
[14:19]  Artemis Kangjon: Heh, Live Chat has been severely underinformed about all of

[14:19]  Doug Falta: Live Chat knows practically nothing.
[14:19]  Fi Folland: i think they should be called dead chat
[14:19]  RosalieHale Quintessa: Snim, could you move over a little?
[14:19]  Doug Falta: Ba-dum-tsh.
[14:19]  Terrence Linden: let’s not be mean to live chat
[14:19]  Artemis Kangjon: You’re not at fault for that though, just a general lack of

knowledge haha
[14:19]  RosalieHale Quintessa: Thank youu
[14:19]  NK Multitool: Zash Thor Just entered the region wearing a NK Multitool.
[14:19]  Blaze Borgin: I suppose you have to imagine how many people they deal with on a

daily basis
[14:19]  Blaze Borgin: mostly with complaints
[14:19]  Terrence Linden: so who wants to help me set up a post that people can click on

to join the group?
[14:20]  Blaze Borgin: I’m sure it can take a toll on them
[14:20]  Chance Zulaman shouts: I wan to join.
[14:20]  KJ Teebrook: Like a post board?
[14:20]  Chance Zulaman: want
[14:20]  Terrence Linden: they have it rough…you’re right, blaze
[14:20]  Doug Falta: I can plop one in Oasis and FurVillage.
[14:20]  Lone Graves: Terrence
[14:20]  Jeremy Linden isn’t sure LSL lets you invite people to groups.
[14:20]  Artemis Kangjon: It doesn’t
[14:20]  Lone Graves: its me Devils
[14:20]  Doug Falta: And various other places.
[14:20]  Lone Graves: 😀
[14:20]  Terrence Linden: ah, sucks
[14:20]  cinderwolf Firecaster is Online
[14:20]  Artemis Kangjon: But you can generate a link that people can click
[14:20]  SNIM Outlander: It can provide a link to the group page however.
[14:20]  Artemis Kangjon: To open the group page
[14:20]  chips Helfer: i like pie in my my mouth
[14:20]  You may only select up to 20 items from this list.
[14:20]  Doug Falta: Yeah, links work.
[14:20]  chips Helfer: ][_ ([]) ][_
[14:20]  Zash Thor: could someone pleae send me a chat log of what’s been said so far

(in IM so as not to spam)
[14:21]  kogoma Hallison: wait can i invite adults to my group >:o?
[14:21]  Lone Graves: Terrence linden
[14:21]  Lone Graves: add me
[14:21]  Lone Graves: ❤
[14:21]  Terrence Linden: 🙂
[14:21]  Lone Graves: its me Devils
[14:21]  Jeremy Linden is an old Linden!
[14:21]  Lone Graves: Helll yaa
[14:21]  Chance Zulaman: Jeremy=old timer
[14:21]  Lone Graves: xD
[14:21]  RosalieHale Quintessa: ㋡
[14:21]  KJ Teebrook: I know Twilight and Zoe Linden
[14:21]  KJ Teebrook: <.<
[14:22]  SNIM Outlander: I knew about 8 of the lindens who got fired D=
[14:22]  Terrence Linden: alright, i’m gonna start adding people here
[14:22]  Chance Zulaman: ADD ME
[14:22]  kogoma Hallison: >:o i want that gesture!
[14:22]  Terrence Linden: then you’ll be able to invite anyone on this grid, and i’ll

shut that off before you move over
[14:22]  Lone Graves: Sooooo about this Merge what do TG kids get to do
[14:22]  Jeremy Linden: Ooh ooh, add me!
[14:22]  Lone Graves: lol
[14:22]  Chance Zulaman: ADD ME
[14:22]  Terrence Linden: you’re already a member, jeremy!
[14:23]  kogoma Hallison: i do thoses are my fav!
[14:23]  Jeremy Linden: Nah, you invited me when I wasn’t online and it didn’t work,

Terrence 😦
[14:23]  kogoma Hallison: ewe .-.
[14:23]  Chance Zulaman: As an officer, invite me, pwease.
[14:23]  kogoma Hallison: take a bath first
[14:23]  Tailsy Loxely: add me?
[14:23]  Lone Graves: Jermey Linden i want that Laptop
[14:23]  Lone Graves: :O
[14:23]  Lone Graves: give me
[14:23]  Lone Graves: 😮
[14:23]  Lone Graves: plzz
[14:23]  Lone Graves: 🙂
[14:23]  RosalieHale Quintessa: http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/569709
[14:23]  Jeremy Linden: Sorry Lone, I can’t give it away. It was made by someone else!
[14:23]  Lone Graves: 😮
[14:23]  Lone Graves: sooo
[14:23]  Lone Graves: 🙂
[14:23]  Artemis Kangjon facepalms.
[14:23]  Artemis Kangjon: Did you really just go there?
[14:23]  Lone Graves: who made it
[14:23]  Lone Graves: ?
[14:23]  Chance Zulaman: Jeremy, can i get your glasses?
[14:23]  RosalieHale Quintessa: …
[14:24]  Blaze Borgin: People please
[14:24]  Blaze Borgin: xD
[14:24]  Blaze Borgin: these are people too
[14:24]  Blaze Borgin: Haven’t your parents told you NOT to take other people’s clothing

and auction it off online?
[14:24]  Jeremy Linden pretends not to be listening…
[14:24]  Chance Zulaman: lolololol
[14:24]  Tailsy Loxely: D:
[14:24]  Blaze Borgin: Run jeremy!
[14:24]  Artemis Kangjon hands Jeremy a pair of earplugs
[14:24]  Doug Falta: My parents failed to mention that, Blaze. 😮
[14:25]  Doug Falta: I’ma member! >:O
[14:25]  kogoma Hallison: my mommys giving me L when i got to mg im so exicted :3!
[14:25]  Jeremy Linden: Ok guys, I really do need to leave now. Have a happy move to the

main grid!
[14:25]  Blaze Borgin: Oh dry, it’s bruce
[14:25]  Artemis Kangjon: Thank you 🙂
[14:25]  Tailsy Loxely: HAPPY
[14:25]  Doug Falta shouts: See you next Wednesday, Jeremy. ;o

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