The Teen Grid all over again?

(This information is not confirmed. No need to go running around like crazy)

According to a local resident who shall remain nameless for the time being, it is rumored that our “merge” will not go as we may think. The rumor goes that the new experiences we will get out of the merge is usage of the marketplace (filtered of course) and the ability to IM adult residents. As far as accessing adult owned PG estates and meeting avatar to avatar, that is no more than wishful thinking. The reason for this is due to the potential legal issues that can arise from teenagers being assimilated into the adult community. A teen engaging  in a sexual relationship with an adult for example.

 Again, this information is not confirmed. I’ll keep you guys posted if any major changes happen. For now, just consider this a rumor and not a serious update.

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3 Responses to The Teen Grid all over again?

  1. Blaze Borgin says:

    Just a small progress report. I’ve been doing some digging through skype with a friend who transferred last Febuary (Grimreaper Kyomoon). So far, nothing new. I’m going to see if i can find some names from the source of the rumor on the TG.

  2. Abdul Lenroy says:

    I dont know anything about that information, for all i can say is TG residents will be sort of “locked” either in PG rated sims OR LL might make G rated sims.

    And for the Legal issue, PG regions have always had the rules to not have any “sexual” content put in them, so as far as the legal, Adults in the beginning should not have anything that is sexually orientated.

    • Blaze Borgin says:

      Well this rumor might not be true after all. Apparently Torley was at the meeting. I don’t think he would be a decision maker so it might have been nothing more than a casual meeting. Anyways, we have the merge schedule coming sometime this week (hopefully). I saw we keep an eye out for that. Oh and thanks for the comment 🙂

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