Terrence Linden on the TG today.

Today in the small club in the resident owned sim Eutopia, Terrence Linden braved the wrath of close to 100 teen residents all eager to ask questions and get answers about the merge and what will happen. Terrence Linden teleported in his usual calm self with a monkey on his shoulder ready for combat. I will be passing out a notecard inworld for all Teen Grid residents as well as releasing the chatlog here.

The summary:

  1. Teen Second Life will shut down in the first week of January.
  2. All active accounts age 16-17 will be transferred.
  3. All accounts ages 15 and under will be frozen and automatically reactivated when the user becomes of age.
  4. All land in TSL will be transferred.
  5. Transferred accounts will keep all items, friends, etc…
  6. 16-17 year old residents can have access to the marketplace but can not purchase items marked as “mature”
  7. Adults can visit teen grid regions that are transferred.
  8. Transfers are automatic and do not invlve anything done on our part.
  9. Linden labs is not doing this simply because of cost cutting measures as most people say.
  10. Teen users will not get tags, nor will adults, in the interest of safety.
  11. 80% of G regions do not border Moderate/Mature regions
  12. Terrence will provide more answers in a notecard (possibly)

That’s the gist of it. All users 16 and over are being transferred, nothing is being lost and Linden Labs seems to have some sort of plan for security, though it is still unclear. As for the influx of copybotted content that is to cross over for this, the only thing residents and content creators can do is keep an eye out for stolen copies and file reports/DMCA’s.

Please share your thoughts in the comments panel if you like.


I got the chat log organized. here it is.

[16:07]  Terrence Linden: hi, sorry everyone!
[16:09]  Terrence Linden: i created a Google Moderator question page. if you haven’t used it before it’s

simple, but you’ll need a google page
[16:09]  Terrence Linden: google account i mean
[16:10]  Terrence Linden: go to this link
[16:12]  Terrence Linden: the way that google moderator works is you submit questions, and you can vote on

questions that others have asked…the most popular qustions pop to the top
[16:12]  Terrence Linden: for those without a google account, pm mactavish (htanks!) and we’ll handle

toward the end
[16:12]  Terrence Linden: in the meantime, while questions are being gathered, i’ll give a summary
[16:14]  Terrence Linden: come first week in january, the teen grid will shut down. all 16-17 year old

accounts (that are activated – ie normal status) will transfer over
[16:14]  Terrence Linden: 13-15 year old accounts will be placed on hold and will automatically be turned

on when they become 16
[16:15]  Terrence Linden: at this time, all tsl land will be tranferred as well
[16:15]  Terrence Linden: account transfer = inventory, friends, etc
[16:15]  Terrence Linden: hopefully your questions will be answered through the google moderator
[16:16]  Terrence Linden: http://www.google.com/moderator/#15/e=4203d&t=4203d.40
[16:16]  Terrence Linden: to summarize, nothing will be deleted
[16:16]  Gillian Karu: 2 more years.
[16:16]  Gillian Karu: ]:
[16:16]  Gillian Karu: i play sl like everydaaay.
[16:16]  Gillian Karu: 😛
[16:16]  Terrence Linden: it’s hard, and unfair, i know
[16:17]  Terrence Linden: ok, those are the basics, i’ll go to google moderator
[16:17]  Terrence Linden: first question:
[16:17]  Terrence Linden: will we have access to marketplace
[16:18]  Terrence Linden: please refrain from using local chat – that will help to keep track
[16:19]  Terrence Linden: 16-17 year odl accounts will have access to marketplace, except for items marked

as mature
[16:20]  Terrence Linden: ok, quesetion 2:
[16:20]  Terrence Linden: will adults be able to visit teen grid?
[16:20]  Terrence Linden: yes, they will. it will be open land
[16:21]  Terrence Linden: everyone, please stop using local chat
[16:23]  Terrence Linden: all of the transfers wil be automatic, you won’t have to do anything
[16:24]  Terrence Linden: and all land will go over
[16:24]  Terrence Linden: if you are 13-15, you should cash out L$ and you wil not be able to continue

paying for land
[16:25]  Terrence Linden: there will not be an indicator for who is adult and who is teen
[16:25]  Terrence Linden: we saw this as important for teen safety and security
[16:27]  Terrence Linden: everyone, if you keep using local chat then i cannot asnwer the questions

[16:29]  Terrence Linden: i can explain, but please stop using local chat
[16:29]  Terrence Linden: it looks like people would like to know why this is happening…
[16:32]  Terrence Linden: i think people have stopped using local chat so i can continue
[16:33]  Terrence Linden: 2) 16-17 will be the only ones going over
[16:33]  Terrence Linden: 1) All land is moving over
[16:35]  Fi Folland: Please let Terrence speek and stop using local chat……. if you dont….. you will

be ejected
[16:35]  Jerichco Lavender: crap
[16:35]  Aeragino Shelman: So everyone under 16 will be seperated? plus they cant own land?
[16:35]  Fi Folland: ok go for it Terrence
[16:36]  Terrence Linden: thanks, fi 🙂
[16:36]  Terrence Linden: As for the reason behind, this
[16:36]  Terrence Linden: We are not doing this simply as a move for $$
[16:37]  Terrence Linden: as I’ve seen people write
[16:38]  Terrence Linden: we were trying to do too many things which held back growth of the grid
[16:39]  Terrence Linden: all of this should be seamless on the side of the usrs
[16:40]  Terrence Linden: you won’t have to do anything
[16:40]  Terrence Linden: we will move everyting over, we will reactivate accounts, and we will update

accounts when you turn 18 as well
[16:40]  Terrence Linden: 13-15 year olds, you will, unforttunately, have to wait
[16:41]  Izzie Zessinthal: I heard that we have to verify if we’re over 16. Is that true?
[16:41]  Terrence Linden: you don’t have to do anything
[16:41]  Terrence Linden: we are handling everything
[16:42]  Kurokaze Resident: Terrence, what is your personal opinion of all the copybotted MG stuff that a

lot of people here seem to be wearing?
[16:43]  Felicity Bimbogami: Like yourself Kuro?
[16:43]  Carson Valeur: .. who cares? lol?
[16:43]  Blaze Borgin: A lot of people do
[16:43]  Blaze Borgin: lol
[16:43]  Terrence Linden: Regarding inventory, all inventory is coming over. now, i do not handle

intellectual property issues, but i can say that the same standards that exist on the main grid will exist

for accounts that come over
[16:44]  Darksider Darmoset: Therefore, anyone caught with copybotted items is banned via report form?
[16:44]  Blaze Borgin: The items are normally removed with a DMCA i think
[16:44]  Blaze Borgin: normally you dont get banned
[16:44]  Terrence Linden: for safety and security
[16:44]  Terrence Linden: this as our primary concern
[16:46]  Terrence Linden: we have consulted with external experts and internal experts and the

improvemetns in search, and the placements around privacy provide the safety and security measures for

this move
[16:46]  Terrence Linden: teen users will not be able to go outside of G rated regions
[16:47]  Blaze Borgin: Pardon my asking
[16:47]  Blaze Borgin: but
[16:47]  Terrence Linden: which represent about 15% of the Main Grid
[16:47]  Terrence Linden: or about 5000 regions
[16:47]  Blaze Borgin: I hear that nearly all mainland G regions border mature land
[16:47]  Blaze Borgin: will that be a problem?
[16:48]  Terrence Linden: to clarify on the G-rated regions question, about 80% of G-rated regions are not

on the Mainland, and do not border M rated regions
[16:48]  Blaze Borgin: So will there aby any issues with the 20%?
[16:48]  RosalieHale Quintessa: Terrence, is there no way to create simes that are PG-13? We’re all 13+,

shouldn’t we be able to find a central ground? I feel as if we’re being babied.
[16:49]  Fi Folland: The purpose of this meeting is to clear up the confusion around the grid merge……

please try not to block local chat with questions on other SL topics…….  if you continue EM’s will 

eject you at will
[16:49]  Kurokaze Resident: Will people who are over 18 be able to walk on the sims that were TG? i.e.

Lexington and Concord?
[16:50]  Sam28 Inaka: YES
[16:50]  Terrence Linden: it hink that i’ve answered quesetions around merge logistics, though some may

have been lost in the chaat
[16:50]  Sam28 Inaka: hes already said that
[16:50]  kogoma Hallison: mk i got here kinda late and if this qustion has been asked sorry i just want to

know one qustion my mom is on mg when we merge would she be able to give me stuff or add me as a friend

[16:51]  Blaze Borgin: yes kogoma
[16:55]  Terrence Linden: alright, everyone, i have a good list of questions
[16:56]  Terrence Linden: provided most of the answers here, but i’ll be providing more in note card form

very soon
[16:56]  Terrence Linden: to get rid of confusion where i can
[16:56]  Terrence Linden: thakn you for coming!
[16:56]  Blaze Borgin: Thanks terrence!
[16:56]  Gillian Karu: Wow….
[16:56]  Sean Alter: Thank you Terrence.
[16:56]  kayla Mekanic: thank you
[16:56]  Gillian Karu: This is so ridiculous. 😛
[16:56]  Avatar Mactavish: Thank you Terrenc.
[16:56]  Skaro Ghost: Yes, thank you!
[16:56]  Artemis Kangjon: Thank you for putting up with the crap and trying to get some answers in
[16:56]  Karissa Silversmith: Thank you for coming aswell!
[16:56]  Sean Alter: The duck is leaving the den.
[16:56]  Kurokaze Resident: I missed out on stuff from my ejections.
[16:57]  Blaze Borgin: Alright, time to start organizing this chatlog
[16:57]  Carson Valeur: Dang, my questions never got answered.
[16:57]  Sean Alter: Duck is at the pond, good luck eagle 1.
[16:55]  Terrence Linden: alright, everyone, i have a good list of questions
[16:56]  Terrence Linden: provided most of the answers here, but i’ll be providing more in note card form

very soon
[16:56]  Terrence Linden: to get rid of confusion where i can
[16:56]  Terrence Linden: thakn you for coming!
[16:57]  Artemis Kangjon: I’ll be posting a nice concise list of answers on http://slgridmerge.tumblr.com/
[16:57]  Blaze Borgin: I’ll be posting it up here too
[16:57]  Blaze Borgin: https://walkingthenewworld.wordpress.com/

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18 Responses to Terrence Linden on the TG today.

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  2. Pointless and repetitive meeting to say the least…

    • Blaze Borgin says:

      He didn’t exactly answer my question about safety either. Oh well, hopefully LL has some supercalafragi-whatever trick up their sleeve for this.

      • I spoke to him during office hours two weeks ago. He said he felt that the safety measures they currently have in place will suffice. That’s also when he answered my question about identification. With the copybotting issue, he also sidetracked that as well then similar to how he did today.

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  7. rikomatic says:

    Thanks for sharing this.

  8. rikomatic says:

    Thanks for sharing this! For those that weren’t there, can you describe the feelings and reactions of teens who were there? Was there a lot of anger, sadness, excitement?

  9. Blaze Borgin says:

    Well it was mainly anger and sadness I guess. No one seemed to be listening to any of the teens, or Terrence, telling them to stop using local chat so he can speak. It was slightly overdramatic at certain points (People yelling “Nooooo!” after Terrence would finish a sentence or other shoutouts such as “WHY????? Are you closing us??? I DONT UNDERSTAND!”)

    To be honest, it got irritating after a while. I understand several members of the TG do not want to lose it, but seriously. When a staff member comes in to clear up confusion and explain what’s happening, the last thing you do is scream apocalypse.

    Despite the rough start, things eventually settled down.

    I appreciate Terrence coming into our small corner of the grid like this, but we’re still in the dark. I wish he had explained in more detail what exactly is going to happen.

    Thanks for the comment 🙂

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  11. abdullenroy says:

    I will try talking to Terrence Linden in world (MG) since I have been transferred.
    Well that is…IF he agrees to talk to me 😛
    Other then that, good post 🙂
    And lol as if people reacted that way xD
    Not really surprising I must say..

    • Blaze Borgin says:

      I’m not sure how much of a difference that would make.

      • abdullenroy says:

        He agreed to talk to me, so if you got any questions, shoot them before it’s too late!
        Well, I am planning on asking him about more sensible questions such as security, inventory transfers between Adult & Teen and such things

      • Blaze Borgin says:

        Here are some.
        1) You said that there is a remaining 20% of mature regions that border general regions. Will these pose a problem?

        2) Will the content in bordering mature and adult regions be invisible to teenage residents?

        3) Are there any risks to having very little idea of the kind of person you come in contact with in second life?

        That’s about it.

  12. bet365 says:

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    I learn a lot in your blog really thank your very much
    btw the theme of you blog is really outstanding
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