December: T’is the season to change.

What? Already?

Yes December is here. The snow starts to sprinkle and the seasons change. These past few months have been subject to much change what with mesh underway, browser viewers, elimination of last names and of course, the big merge.

With little over a month left before we make this huge leap into the main grid and start “walking the new world” (lol). Change brings more change. Us accessing the main grid means we are all going to have to accomodate some change to our daily second lifestyles. Considering the public dissatisfaction and lack of information, it’s clear that this will not be a smooth transition. I suppose the best we can do is…well… go about as normal with some extra precautions. Just be a little careful with who you talk with and who you get personal with. Use a little common sense and things should be fine. Change doesn’t have to be bad right?

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