Ignorance is Bliss…

(Ok seriously. Whoever created this saying has got to be the biggest fracking idiot on the planet.)

It seems Linden Labs has struck again creating even more holes in the grid merge project that it even rivals a piece of swiss cheeze.

Some exploring both in SL and on the marketplace have shone light on 2 fairly major issues.

1) Mature and adult regions are still visible. When standing in a PG region, you can turn up your draw distance and see up to 2 regions over. You are able to cam into mature regions and even adult regions with all of their contents out in plain sight.

2) The mess of the marketplace. A LOT of mature content is not labeled as such. I was able to purchase some fairly inappropriate freebie items from the marketplace (rest assured I did not even bother to accept them) with little to no trouble at all. Several listing for mature items, free or not, are visible and apparently buyable to ANY resident.

It’s clear the next few months will be VERY interesting.

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