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The summary and transcript are now up! It’s up on

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great Christmas and/or happy holidays.

I’m sure you all know that Teen Second Life’s closing is just around the corner, and with that, many are feeling the tension and excitement of this upcoming change.

Today, a forum was hosted at Global Kids by Rik GKid,  Rhiannon Ferlinghetti and Frans Marseille (TSL Approved Adults) to take a closer look at the feelings teens have towards the merge.

Some 20-30 teens participated (It was very short notice) and all shared their opinions. Here are the topics that were discussed.

  • Why teens oppose the merge
  • Why teens are for the merge
  • Treatment of teens by adults and vice-versa
  • Teen content creation
  • The loss of our “close community feel”
  • Ways of maintaining our “close community feel”
  • How residents under 16 feel about the merge
  • Alternatives to Second Life for those who are left out (Different open grids)

Overall, teens who are transferring seem to be excited about the merge, though they worry about how they amy be accepted into the adult community. Content creators see it as a positive change to be able to provide their products to more potential customers while others are excited about the new regions to explore.

Both teen age groups are not too happy about how well Linden Labs handled the younger group. Most feel that being enclosed in one region for 1-3 years or even cut off entirely before transferring is not a good decision.

Overall, the meeting proved to give quite a bit of insight on the feelings of those involved. It is clear that this move will not be easy, but like all other hard times, it seems we should make the best of it.

A transcript should be posted on the GK website soon.

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