Counting down the hours…

Well it looks like the TG has reached it’s last day. (Hoping that the merge doesn’t get pushed back once again)

With full access to the PG side of main grid just around the corner, this blog is going to change a little bit. From reporting on the news about the merge, I am now going to focus on news, products, areas and groups of interest for those of us who are migrating. If you know of any interesting areas, products, groups or have some ground shaking news and want to share it, feel free to pass it on to me. You can IM me in world (Blaze Borgin) or send me an email

I will also be providing a link to the update blog and marketplace store for my upcoming shop, Avatar Planet. If you are an alien, furry, plant person, zombie, robot, feral beast or even a human, you might want to check it out 😉

It’s been a good 2 years in Teen Second life. Time to move on to the future.

Oh also, last minute notice. DylanRyan Faith has sent out a notice asking transferees to invite their friends to the group Eros Veritas: The next generation. Group members will have access to the Chimp Labs islands after the merge. Get sending 🙂

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