Terrence talks again at Chimp Labs

Today at 2pm SLT, Terrence Linden popped into our teen-only islands just to see how teens were settling on the main grid.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you want access to the Chimp Labs sims, Eros Veritas: The Next Generation and Second Life Teen groups are opening enrollment in the following week. Everyone who wants to stay in Chimp Labs MUST join toese groups to access the region and then join the Chimp Labs group once arriving. Access will be closed from Eros and SLT after the end of next week.

But… back on topic.

A total of about 24 teens and TG veterans showed up for this meeting. (It was done on voice, so I don’t have a chat log)

Teens posted their post-merge questions and concerns on a google page to have them answered by Terrence. These were the questions asked.

“Any advise for people who want to run a business? Business on MG seems bigger than TG.”

Terrence says that he sensed hesitation among the teens. The idea of selling on the main grid seemed intimidating. The purpose of Chimp Labs is to help teens who are starting a business get on their feet and get a feel for what it’s like. Terrence feels it’s good for teens to serve teens as well as adults.
“What are some of your favorite PG places in Second Life?”

Terrence pointed out an interesting set of educational islands known as SciLand. He will also be looking into where teens are going to list out some recommendations.

“What happens when someone turns 18 in the Chimp Labs group?”

Chimp labs is meant to be more of a community area than a special area strictly for 16-17 year olds. As long as anyone is a contributing and constructive member, they can stay.

“Will search be fixed for teens, at the moment it would appear not even PG areas on the MG are appearing for myself, I am not aware of other residents having this problem, althought they may do!”

Terrence says that these problems were most likely due to the person using a third party viewer, though he will look into it.

“What became of the militaries that were present on the TG? Did they just get closed or has combat been allowed in PG regions now?”

One of the major questions being asked by TG residents. Terrence says that they are currently working on a way to integrate combat into PG land. They realize that militaries were a huge part of TSL’s existance.

“What happens to the land people had that they didn’t sell or abandon before being put on hold for not being 16 or older.”

Since there isn’t any possible transfer of L$, younger resident’s can’t maintain the payments for their land and will lose it once the time runs out. They can obtain it again after turning 16 or discontinue their land use.

“What’s being done to clean up the SL Marketplace? The current mature standards aren’t set well enough to really encompass everything.”

Lots of work is being done on this. Starting at the end of the day, improvements on the marketplace search and filtering will be underway. Over the next few weeks, there should be mprovements in search and filtering.

“Will camming into mature regions, by teens, prove to be an issue?”

Trying to figure out a solution to that. Originally, youth couldn’t look into M and A land, but adults could look into G land. This idea of spying on the PG regions didn’t seem to be very desirable and holes in the mainland wouldn’t prove to be a good user experience.

“What’s the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?”

“I’m not going to answer that :)”

Terrence also told us of some of the upcoming post-merge plans.

The teen grid bay city will most likely be merged with the main grid bay city. It will become one.

There are future plants to allow teens to get Linden Homes.

PG mesh regions should be making their way onto the aditi (beta) grid soon for use by all residents.

Chimp Labs will become a collaborative community object open to be built by teen residents. It will have 4 sections for activities such a recreation, learning, business and socializing. (Should start next week)

Some time in Febuary, the destination guide will allow residents to filter by land rating, making it easier for teens to find PG regions.

Terrence finished by talking about his feelings of the future of SL. He feels it rests heavily on the teen demographic, their energy and creativity.

Apologies for the disorganized post, I’m in a bit of a hurry. That was pretty much the going-ons of the office hour. Keep posted for more.

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  2. barry says:

    This was tremendously useful. Thank you!

    Btw, Global Kids Island from TSL is now still available in the main grid – and for some reason the transfer fixed the volcano – it’s erupting once again.

  3. Daniel Voyager says:


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