The teens have landed!

That’s one small step for teen…

…and one GIANT leap for us…again… (Déjà-vù much?)

But in all seriousness, the grids have finally merged! Teens are in the former adult PG regions and adults are in the former teen PG regions!

6 long months have passed since that fateful day in August. From now on, there is no more Main Grid or Teen Grid. There is only the Agni grid. See you in second life!

Oh and one more thing, currently, residents both teen and adult are unable to teleport to the teen continent without the use of a landmark or teleport request. Do not fret! This problem is expected to be resolved at around 2am SLT. For now, enjoy your new neighbors (Or flee from them. Whichever works for you.)

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One Response to The teens have landed!

  1. Welcome! I am sad for the breakup of the community; amazed at the work that was being done in Teen Grid; and excited that you all as designers are now in a world that will allow more appreciation of your talents.
    Friend me in-world if you like. I also play Habbo so many of my curse words resemble the word, “bobba.” At the moment, I’m playing as a warthog tiny but zombie-killer-skater-girl is my normal look.

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